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Mad Amvaj Arya trading company provides services for provisioning, producing, making, assembling, equipping, and launching production lines of industrial factories. Additionally, it has been an active provider of commercial and trading services such as provisioning, producing, importing, exporting, buying, selling, after-sales services, distributing, and packaging a variety of legal commercial products since 2014.

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About Mad Amvaj Arya

At Mad Amwaj Aria, relying on a young and dynamic team, we always strive to create maximum satisfaction for our colleagues and consumers. Mad Amwaj Aria by importing and producing quality parts and products and updating the field of technology with the priority of mobile accessories and protection and security products (surveillance cameras, recording devices, burglar alarms and accessories) as well as excellent after-sales services in the path of creating It strives for maximum satisfaction. Mad Amwaj Arya’s family will soon be one hundred people. Hand in hand, with continuous efforts and sustainable growth, we are taking steps for the honor and elevation of dear and cherished Iran.


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